The magic band score!

The secret to IELTS band 7.

The secret to IELTS band 7:
For many students, especially those with some English training, easily achieve band scores below 7. However, pushing your score over the magic 7 is a hard task for many students. Even natives can struggle with achieving a band 7 score in their IELTS exam. Especially writing and reading are the two categories where students struggle the most

The reason is poor vocabulary!

In order to achieve an IELTS band 7 score in your exam, you need be fit not only in your general vocabulary, which you can train in our general section. You also need to be fit in advanced, topic specific vocabulary. Without the a good amount of advanced IELTS specific vocabulary, you will struggle to convince any examiner. In English it is important to know the right words to discuss different topics, whether it be architecture, environmental issues or politics. Even if you can explain yourself perfectly, without out using the topic specific vocabulary, you will fail!

Get yourself ready and practice exactly the vocabulary you need to achieve a band score 7 in IELTS. Do not waste your time or money. Prepare first and succeed after!

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    With the IELTS tipps and practice from, I achieved 8.0 in all categories and was accepted for a fully paid MBA scholarship. Thank you soon much.
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